Garden Courte Memory Care Welcomes You!

Garden Courte Memory Care is a premier senior living community in Olympia, Washington.  Memory care is our specialty.  No matter where you are in life’s journey, home is meant to be a place of comfort and security.  Opportunely, we provide those means here! Our dedicated staff treat our residents with dignity and respect.  We offer an ideal setting for memory care services, respite care and visitation.  In addition, our building is a stone’s throw from Providence St. Peter Hospital.  Ultimately, our neighborhood offers you or your loved one a beautiful blend of privacy, safety, security, and community. Collectively, these elements create a warm and familiar environment that supports the aging journey of our residents.

Garden Courte Memory Care’s Monthly Educational Piece

Each month, we provide our community with a well-sourced article with intentions of educating the elderly community and their families. Caring for loved ones with dementia or Alzheimer’s requires a team of trustworthy people and abundant support. Offering a senior education piece may provide a piece of insight you or your loved one needs today that they didn’t need yesterday! Ultimately, we want to offer seniors and their families support throughout the entire aging process.

The holidays are here! We want to do everything we can to ensure as many positive experiences as possible with our loved ones with dementia. Perhaps you are hosting a meal or a weekend that includes a family member with dementia.  We suggest you read this article that focuses on creating an environment of calm.  Maybe this means opening up the blinds and utilizing more natural light in your home (which has been shown to benefit dementia patients).  There are 4 additionally thoughtful ways to create a peaceful space. Enjoy the read, and take what you need! Let’s wrap up 2021 with intention, care and peace.

Our Mission Statement

We are more than just a place to live— Garden Courte Memory Care provides a caring touch for a holistic and meaningful everyday experience.