Garden Courte Memory Care Welcomes You!

Garden Courte Memory Care is a premier senior living community in Olympia, Washington.  Memory care is our specialty.  Therefore, no matter where you are in life’s journey, home is meant to be a place of comfort and enjoyment (our activities program is phenomenal).  We provide those means here! Our dedicated staff treat all of our residents with dignity and respect.  We offer an ideal setting for memory care services and visitation.  In addition, our building is across the street from Providence St. Peter Hospital.  Ultimately, our neighborhood offers you or your loved one a beautiful blend of privacy, safety, security, and community. Collectively, these elements create a warm and familiar environment that supports the journey of aging.


Our Adventure mobile– Garden Courte Memory Care’s transportation vehicle!


Weekly  Educational Piece brought to you by Garden Courte Memory Care:

Please, take the time to educate yourself and others! Each week, we provide our community a well-sourced article that focuses on common diseases prevalent in the elderly community. This week, we are offering a refresher surrounding Alzheimer Disease.  Read this article to better understand the intricacies and facts about a disease that impacts over 6 million Americans.  Share with those you love!


This place is more than just a place to live— Garden Courte Memory Care provides a caring touch for a wholistic and meaningful experience.